SugarBlocker 2000

Sugar Blocker

SugarBlocker 2000’s naturally occurring Arabinose is an L-form, and because it is not metabolized in humans it has no caloric value.

  • Do you want to still enjoy some of your favorite desserts but feel good about your appearance?
  • Then SugarBlocker2000 is the answer! It BLOCKS up to 20 Grams of Sugar!
  • Each bottle of SB2000 has 60 doses. We recommend taking 1 dose 30 minutes before a cheat or a cheat meal.

Recent studies have been conducted on the nutritional and physiological function of L-arabinose as it relates to the effects on the intestinal absorption of sucrose. These show that L-arabinose will suppress the increase of blood glucose and plasma insulin after ingestion of sucrose (simple sugar). In vitro studies on Caco-2 cells prove that L-arabinose will inhibit sucrose activity.

These studies conclude that L-arabinose inhibits the absorption of sucrose from the small intestine. To illustrate, adding 2-3% of L-arabinose with sucrose causes an approximate 60% reduction of the digestion of sucrose in the small intestine. The undigested sucrose and L-arabinose produces a short-chain fatty acid and thus functions similarly to dietary fiber. Therefore, L-arabinose has great merits as a sweetener and food additive to help regulate blood sugar levels, combat obesity, and to maintain good health.