The Top 12 Things That Can Stall Weight Loss on HCG?

The Top 12 Things that will slow or stall your weight loss on HCG:

1. Constipation (Not eating enough fiber). You should be having daily regular bowel movements. Take something for fiber when you start HCG, make sure it’s sugar free. We highly recommend it!
2. Cheating (Eating anything off protocol) Expect a weight stall up to 5 days when cheating.
3. Eating the same foods all the time. You need variety in your menu.
4. Skipping meals or food.
5. For Women- PMS other wise known as TOM. Expect no weight loss during your monthly cycle.
6. Drinking less than 100 oz of water daily (I recommend up to 128 oz a day.)
7. High Sodium Intake – Watch the salt!
8. Eating veggies or fruits with sugar listed under ingredients. Fresh is best!
9. Alcohol, Any drinks with Sugar. Diet Drinks & Crystal Light can slow weight loss. Water is best!
10. Not weighing protein on a food scale and measuring your fruits and veggies in a 1 cup measuring cup. Always measure never guess.
11. Eating extra food.
12. Taking over the counter medications with sugar.