HCG Success Stories

TestimonialsPam – New Haven, KYTestimonials

“Hi my name is Pam and I am a yo-yo dieter!! From the time I was a teen I battled my weight. During my senior year of college, I dropped about 50 pounds – pretty much on my own, cutting carbs and fasting one day/week. I somehow managed to keep that weight off for several years. I love to eat, but was fairly active and though it was a battle, managed to keep my weight fairly level. Then somewhere between babies number 1 & 2, the wheels fell off. I was working a full time working mother of a 2 year old, my husband worked long hours and we were building a house. After that sweet girl was born, the years flew by. I tried every imaginable method to lose weight – healthy ones like Weight Watchers and not so healthy fad diets and pills. I finally got down to a weight I was happy with and SURPRISE I found myself expecting baby number 3 at the ripe old age of 39! I managed to maintain a healthy pregnancy weight, lots of healthy food and long walks. But after that baby arrived – I found that working full time and keeping up with 2 active (non driving) teenagers did not lead to healthy eating.

Fast forward a few years, I had survived the death of my beloved son at age 20, the marriage of my beautiful daughter and had scaled back to part time at work & just one child at home. So in December 2011, in the midst of my normal cooking and eating frenzy, I started researching yet another diet plan. I ran into a friend who had lost a considerable amount of weight on HCG and she was thrilled. While reading up on HCG I came across Pam’s site and was more than impressed by the testimonies I read. I placed my 1st order and the rest is history! I won’t claim that it was always easy, but by June of 2012, I had lost 60 pounds. A few months later, my daughter talked me into signing up for a 5K. Even as a child – I had always hated to run, but I love anything that I can do with my girls. So I found a training method that I could live with and in October of 2012 I ran my 1st 5K along with my sister and my 2 girls at my all-time favorite place: Walt Disney World.

I won’t lie, I have had setbacks, but I was always able to get back on track. This past year I was on vacation in Mexico – I went zip lining and snorkeling with my daughter, things that I would never have considered before HCG! I have also kept up the running, from my 1st 5K, to a 10K and I’m currently training for my 1st Half Marathon!! I truly believe that HCG has changed my life!!”

TestimonialsCatherine – Orange Park, FL

“I started HCG at 166.4 lbs. I have always had a hard time losing weight in my hips. Every diet I did before I lost in my face and arms but not my problem areas. Once I started HCG Ultra Diet Drops I was amazed at how the inches started melting off in my stomach and hips immediately. So far I’ve lost 19 lbs and I’m looking to lose at least 10 lbs more. I have lost a total of 30.5”! I can’t say enough about HCG. It works if you just do it!”

TestimonialsElizabeth – Everette, Washington:

“Hmmm where do I begin? I have been taking HCG for a short time now and I am amazed by how it works. I have never expected not have I ever received such fast results like I have while being on HCG. I have tried numerous diets before and always been unsuccessful with them. I am a pound or two shy of having 40lbs melted and it had been an incredible journey. I still have 35lbs more to go but I know that with HCG I will get it done because HCG has changed my life. Learning healthy eating habits is one thing I needed to learn and with HCG I was able to pick up in some of those. :)”

TestimonialsFalon – Chicago, IL:

“Cheeseburgers, French fries, wine, cheese, television, clearing my plate. At 175, I was the second largest I had ever been. I was quickly growing out of a size 12, the size I had been most of my adult life. I had fat bulging out of my bra; my belly pushing out and over my pants made sitting all day at work uncomfortable, and I was starting to disgust myself in the mirror. At age 31, I had already witnessed the natural increase in difficulty losing weight, and I started worrying that it was now or never. Maybe I can just cut back a little and that’s all I need, I thought. Six weeks later and three pounds lost, I scrapped that idea. Let’s face it – I had no idea how to lose weight. I had always been a size 10/12 – the larger girl, curvy, thick, pretty face, however you want to put it. I enjoyed food, a self-proclaimed “foodie.” I needed help, but where could I find it? Weight Watchers had failed me many times in the past. I travel too much for Jenny Craig’s meals. I have never been able to keep up an exercise routine. I needed something black and white, strict, and most of all- fast. If there is room to bend the rules, that is exactly what I will do. By the grace of God, I somehow remembered a friend of mine mention weeks ago that she was starting some kind of diet. I asked her for the details. My entire life changed that day.

As soon as my HCG drops arrived, I jumped on the wagon. I was ready. I read all my materials, joined the Facebook group, and made my grocery list. I had to give it my all; no more hating my body and making excuses for being heavy. My first morning on protocol, I looked at my sad little bowl of ½ cup Cheerios and thought that I could never survive on so little food. I was crabby and hungry for three days, but stuck to it. Anytime I needed support, a recipe, or had questions (and I had many!), I turned to the Facebook group. I do not know how I would have made it through without it.

After the first three days, the hunger was gone. My portion sizes were filling, and the pounds started falling off. I averaged a weight loss of ½ pounds per day over sixty days. I cheated a few times, sometimes accidentally, sometimes planned in advance. My clothes were falling off me. I would order an outfit online and it wouldn’t fit me by the time it arrived in the mail. The motivation to keep going was built in. The smallest I had been as an adult was a size 8/10 and I was not even sure my body could get smaller than that. It can. Size 10 came and went and I kept going, finally landing at a size 6, 145 pounds.

While I was on protocol, many skeptics asked me what I would do after the diet was over. My response was simple: “If I eat the way I did, I will look the way I did.” Luckily, not only does Pam have a fantastic maintenance program and continued support, but my outlook and tastes have changed dramatically.

  1. Calories: I do not believe we need as many calories as “they” (the FDA, society, government, etc.) think we do. Portion sizes are out of control. I am happy and easily maintain my weight at ~1500 calories per day.
  2. Hydration: We need water! I still drink at least 100 ounces of water every day. My skin is healthy and my body loves it.
  3. Awareness: I discovered I eat for entertainment more than hunger. Now when I go for a snack, I stop and ask myself, am I hungry right now or just bored?
  4. Restaurants: Butter tastes good, and restaurants want your business. “Can that be prepared without oil or butter?” became my mantra. One restaurant told me their turkey burger could not, because they blend butter into the turkey mix. What?! It is no surprise our country is so overweight, even when we think we are making smart choices.
  5. Comfort: Life as a size 6 is more comfortable! My pants don’t cut me off anymore, planes don’t feel so small, and I have less weight on my feet.
  6. Tastes: I no longer like butter and eat significantly less red meat. I cook more at home and enjoy it more than eating out (also great for my pocketbook!).
  7. Inspiration: I have inspired so many women without even trying. My mother, best friend, and other friends of mine have started protocol and losing weight. A colleague of mine told me she was cutting back and getting in shape after noticing that I was eating smart. My boyfriend is cutting back on his calories as well.

It’s all about the little things. I now have an opening between my thighs. I’ve been able to wear types of clothing I couldn’t before. When a friend asks me to go to the beach, my first thought is “fun!” and no longer “I hate the way I look in a swimsuit.” I have found a new love and comfort in shorts and tank tops. Knee boots zip up all the way. Grocery shopping is cheaper. I have discovered new ways to have fun that no longer revolve around food and restaurants.”

TestimonialsRenee – Jacksonville, FL:

“My name is Renee. Like so many others who have successfully lost weight using HCG Ultra Diet Drops, I have struggled for many years with my weight. The lightest I can remember weighing is in the mid-130’s when I was in my 20’s. By the time I was 35 and pregnant with my first child, my weight was around 150. After 2 children and problems with arthritis, my weight continued to increase. I saw the scale one day and couldn’t believe I was up to 189 pounds. That was sometime in 2010. I decided it was time to do something about that. NO WAY I wanted to hit 200 at only 5 feet tall. I started walking 3 miles a day and managed to lose about 10 pounds fairly easily, but I stopped losing at that point. I was discouraged, but then I remembered…Pam…she was using the drops and I couldn’t believe how great she was looking. I started the drops on October 31, 2011 weighing 180 pounds. I did take a bit of a break during the summer of 2012 due to my work hours becoming extremely unpredictable, but I came back to finish what I started on September 24, 2012. I was so sure I could finally get thinner and healthier that I met with a plastic surgeon to schedule a tummy tuck and breast lift for the end of the year. I was feeling great and had lost a significant amount of weight, but I was growing so depressed over the sagging skin that I had. I had the surgery on December 19, 2012 and couldn’t be happier with the way I feel and the way I look! My weight has stayed right around 120 pounds. Going from wearing size 16-18 clothes to wearing size 0-2 pants and a size 8 shirt is still unbelievable to me, and it humbles me to write this testimonial. Many thanks to all of the friendly people who offered encouragement and advice along the way of my journey.”

TestimonialsKimberly – Van Etten, New York:

“My name is Kimberly aka Kat, I have struggled with my weight off and on most of my adult life, I have tried every diet with no results, and I was even thinking about having a gastric bypass done, which I didn’t want to do. But I felt like there was no help for me and my weight and life was out of control along with my knee and always hurting from my weight and my breathing was also getting worse. Well one day I was looking at my good friends Facebook and noticed she had lost a lot of weight, when we went to visit them she told me about HCG and that’s when my journey began on Ultra Diet HCG and has changed my life forever. I started on October 19,2012 and have lost a total of 26.4 lbs the first month, the fat just melts away. For the first time in my life I feel free and in control of what I eat. My kness and back have less pain in them. My breathing is getting better plus I have a lot of energy too. Please follow me on my Journey, better yet, join me on your own journey along with me. To be continued . . .”

TestimonialsSally – Qatar:

“I am 54 yrs old and have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager, losing weight only through emotional stress, severe exercise and dieting which has resulted in Osteoarthritis in both knees and a psychological wall to dieting. In 2005 we moved to Qatar and this resulted in living a very sedentary lifestyle and more weight gain. My son got married in June 2012 and looking at the photo’s I could see how large I had become ! I didn’t like wearing clothes, I had little confidence in my self, felt insecure about myself in buying clothes and putting on make up and of course walking and climbing stairs was painful.

On returning to Qatar from the UK, I met a friend in May 2012 whom I hadn’t seen for a number of months and was gob-smacked at the amount of weight that she had lost. I asked her how she had done it. She told me about HCG Drops and how they worked. I searched the Internet and came across ultradiethcgdrops.com. I went through the whole web site and decided to try this company as my friend had warned me that there was a lot of fake drops advertised. In skeptical mode I placed my order a months worth of drops. I started my HCG Journey on 17 June 2012. In hindsight I did not load properly on the first 2 days, but continued the diet for a month. After 3 weeks I had lost inched all over and my clothes were loser. I thought this works….!!! My scepticism had gone and I ordered 3 months of drops and 2 shakes. Now 4 months later I have melted 44lbs. My knees feel stronger; I can climb stairs without hanging on to the banister; I look and feel different about myself. Dressing myself is easier; putting on make-up is easier and my skin is healthier. My twin sister says I look 10 years younger! My confidence has increased hugely – not just when wearing smaller and more figure hugging clothes, but has taught me that if I can be a determined person and stick to something. I met 2 friends last month who nearly didn’t recognize me due to the weight loss. I started at a UK size 20 and am now a UK 12-14 ………! When I go back to the UK my family and children are going to be amazed as they haven’t seen me yet.

The first few days of Protocol weren’t too easy but I soon got into the groove and after 2 weeks it became part of my lifestyle. I now look at ingredients on anything I buy to check the sugar, fat and sodium content. The way I cook has changed – it is healthier. I use low fat cooking sprays, a sugar substitute and have the knowledge to devise my own low fat meals. I have reduced the salt content in my husband’s meals and I now eat 3 meals a day instead of one at night when mu husband comes home from work. In fact we are both living a healthier eating lifestyle due to Pam, my fellow “Melters” and Ultra Diet HCG Drops web site

The support and advice you get from Pam and other “Melters” is phenomenal … I can’t thank them enough for all the support I have received on my melting journey. Also, I must add that the service and after-sales service I have received from Pam and www.ultradiethcgdrops.com has been second to none. It really has been first class. They are easily contactable and any queries were smartly answered. Pam doesn’t “dump” you after the order has been placed. It is a continuing line of support. I am not just a customer but part of a family community. As I am now on maintenance I am confident that I can keep the wight down as I know I shall receive continued support from Pam and other post-melters with my new lifestyle. THANK-YOU ALL…!!!”

TestimonialsJerilyn – Jacksonville, FL:

“I started my HCG journey weighing in at 230lbs. I have been battling my weight since my second child was born in 1998 and added even more weight with my 3rd child in 2001. The only diet that ever worked for me in the past was the Atkins program only to learn that the lbs only re-appeared after I stopped the diet. I recently learned about HCG from a friend who was taking the injections and told me there are also drops available. I checked the internet and stumbled across the website for Ultra Diet HCG Drops. That same day I called Pam and the rest is history.

I must say that HCG is truly a ‘miracle in a bottle!’ To see the lbs just melt away is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I bought my first bottle on June 27 2012 and started that very same day. I lost over 20lbs with that first bottle and that was confirmation that ‘this stuff really works.’ Not even 2months later, I am on bottle #3 and have lost a total of 43lbs. I set a goal of 55lbs but something tells me at that point I won’t stop there.

My eating habits have changed permanently thanks to HCG and it’s not only a physical change but a lifestyle change. I thank Pam so very much for introducing me to this product and being such an amazing mentor.”

TestimonialsGenia – Bryceville, FL:

“I started my HCG journey on February 1,2011 at 51 years old, 5’2, a size 14 and 170 pounds. Since having a hysterectomy 9 years ago it would take me months of dieting and working out to lose even a few pounds. Considering I have always struggled with my weight and have tried every diet out there, I began very skeptical but determined to give it my all.

I stuck to the approved food list, drank all my water and planed ahead. I had to say no to a lot of temptations, but as I began to see the scale go down and my clothes get bigger it became easier and easier.

April 1, I weighed in at 135 pounds, 33 inches lost and a size 6! Unbelievable! I look and feel better than I have in years. I have had no trouble maintaining my weight loss sense coming off of the plan. I’m exercising and making healthy food choices. In fact I have even lost a few additional pounds. I can honestly say, I’m not really sure Why or How it works… I just know It Does work and if I can do it, anyone can!”

TestimonialsYvonne – South Africa:

“I cannot begin to describe how HCG has changed my life. I was convinced I was doomed to be fat until the day I died and then I found HCG on Facebook, just as important I found Pam who has been so helpful and available when I have needed it. I will be 62 this month and I feel 20 years younger than that, I think I look pretty good too if I might say so myself !!! I have more energy, more confidence and what a pleasure to go into a store and find clothes that fit me without having to look in the outsize department, that is something I never dreamed I would be able to do again. My husband who is a wonderful man and loved me fat or thin is thrilled, mainly because my disposition has changed, I am happier and more content that I have been in a very long time. I am now 149.6lbs from182.6lbs, a loss of 33lbs approx 15kgs!!! Thank you again HCG and Pam for making this journey a smooth and memorable one. I am now going on maintenance and look forward to a long and happy slim life.”

TestimonialsJennice – New Bern, North Carolina:

“I lost 36 pounds in 4.5 months with HCG Ultra Diet Drops! I went from a size 10/12 to size 2/4. The protocol is so easy to follow and contains everyday foods. Following protocol teaches you how to eat and to be aware of everything that you eat. After finishing the drops, I have been maintaining very easily due to learning what to eat and portion control. I felt awesome while on the drops and I feel great today after the drops! This truly is not just a diet but a lifestyle change! HCG Ultra Diet Drops is the easiest way I have found to lose weight fast and to keep it off!”

TestimonialsJames – Jacksonville, Florida:

“About 3 months ago I had a doctors appointment. The Dr. told me I was on the verge of having a heart attack or a stroke. I was 5’8” and 280 lbs with high cholesterol and I will need to take medications that could possibly damage my liver. I met someone that told me about HCG Ultra Diet Drops. Not only did this product lower my cholesterol to normal, I lost 68 lbs! This product does exactly what it says, it changed my life! Since I reached my goal I have lost 3 additional pounds. What are you waiting for? Try it today!”

TestimonialsTess – Northglenn, CO:

“My name is Tess and I am 54 years old. I am a registered nurse and have been for 28 years. In September of 2010, I was diagnosed with a serious brain disorder that required extensive surgery. Unfortunately, I had pretty serious set backs and was off work and pretty sick for a year. At this time, I quit smoking as well. With my illness and quitting smoking, I gained 25 pounds and tried everything to lose it. Eating right, moderate exercise, and several trendy diets. Nothing worked. I was to be married in May 2012 and I really wanted to not only look my best, I wanted to feel and look healthy as well.

I had noticed my friends (Pam Plezia’s) before and after picture on Facebook, and was shocked. I talked with her a good many times regarding Ultra HCG drops and diet plan. I was truly impressed with her loss, and also her newly found energy and zest for life.She also allowed me to hang out on her support group site for a few days and chat with lots of other people who were like minded. I was truly impressed with the diversity of the group. There were many that wanted to lose a great deal of weight. There were many (like me) that wanted to lose 20-30 pounds, and a few with just a few pounds to drop. There were all different ages and ethnicities. Mostly women, but a few men as well.

On January 20th, I started the program and I committed to 30 days. My results were not as profound as some, but I was amazed. I lost about 3 pounds a week consistently, and honestly, it wasn’t that hard after the first 2 weeks. By the second month, it became a true lifestyle change for me.

I have been on maintenance since early May, and my start weight was 164. My goal weight was 135. Today, I am around 134-136 and a size 6-8. Oh yeah, and thanks to Ultra HCG, I was exactly the bride that I had hoped to be.”

TestimonialsBill & Teresa – Middleburg, Florida:

We feel so much better about ourselves since we started losing weight on HCG Drops. When you are heavy you start to feel this is just the way it is going to be for the rest of our lives. Especially when you try all these so called quick weight loss scams or the ones where you lose a lb a month. With HCG Diet it has shown us we can lose the weight the healthy way and keep it off.

TestimonialsPenny – Jacksonville Beach, FL:

I am not fat. I am one pound away from goal and I am not fat. I no longer bulge or muffin. I can wear anything and not worry about if I look fat. I have spent the last 30 years being fat and insecure about my appearance. There are very few pictures from 1989 to 2009. My weight was up and down and I struggled every day. What to eat? What not to eat? What will I wear? Special occasions and family events were torture. Seeing old friends and reunions – just out of the question. I let fat limit my life. Well, now it is time for me to LIVE! Fat is no longer an issue. I am free of that burden thanks to HCG. So once I reach my goal then I begin the challenge of maintenance. It will be different but in a good way. I am in control and no longer limited by my self image. I am empowered by my healthy and fit new body.

TestimonialsShanda – Middleburg, FL:

HCG Diet has really changed my life! On my weight loss journey I have tried many things and I have never seen these kinds of results! Through the help of HCG Drops and Pam and her amazing Facebook closed support board “Our HCG Journey” I have learned how to eat right and take things one day at a time. In just 2 months I have lost 40 pounds of deep tissue fat, 7 inches in my waist, 5 inches in my hips and I did it by eating lean meats, fruits and veggies!!!!! This is truly amazing! I never got these results with the weight doctor, ever! Thank you Pam and Thank you HCG Diet! I know I will reach my final goal now!

TestimonialsLena – Cleveland, OH:

Ultra Hcg Diet has changed my life forever! I was on another Hcg Diet program and the foods that I was eating were not realistic and boring. I was surfing the internet and came across the Ultra Diet Hcg Drops. Little did I know that the journey that I would embark upon. I called and came across one of God’s angels Pam Plezia. She explained everything to me in such a sincere way. She did not sound like a SALES REP she sounded like a person who had a passion for encouraging people to lose weight. She knew it worked for her and anxious about telling others. I started this program at about 250 and now I am 10 lbs away from 200. I have a total release of 66lbs! The Ultra Hcg Diet can work if you allow it to work.. You must remain discipline, positive, and eat the proper foods, along with the drops. The diet is realistic. The food group choices are things that we buy everyday at the grocery and we are taught to make them in a different way. [The hcg recipes are tasty and above all causing me to lose weight. I have struggled with my weight for years. I have been denied the Bariatric Surgery two times. I enjoyed eating my sweets and junk food but it was causing health issues in my life. HCG Diet has taught me discipline. It is not aquick fix it is a lifestyle change. HCG Diet helps you to advance theweight loss process.

TestimonialsTraci – River Bluff, CA:

GOAL: 180 pounds released!I had a life changing experience Monday, and feel compelled to share it. We were in San Francisco on some business, and had a few moments to spare. To my surprise, we walked into Saks ( LOVE SAKS ), andI was approached by a sales associate ( shock, right? ) “Hi honey, would you like to try this dress on?” (Oscar de la Renta 3200.00 mind you) I looked at him like a deer in headlights! Never in my adult life have I EVER been able to walk into a salon and slip into anything, less a couture dress! I began to well up with tears…was this a cruel joke, or was this sales associate confident that I could honestly wear such a beautiful piece of clothing!? When the dress effortlessly fit, I was awestruck! I have lost 149 pounds to date and I honestly thank HCG Ultra Diet EVERY SINGLE DAY!…The dress remains on the beautiful hanger it was pearched upon, safely inside the store at Saks!

TestimonialsCorie – Jacksonville, FL:

My name is Corie. I’m 59 yrs. young and 5’6″. I’ve never had a major weight issue until I entered my 50’s.Having gone through the stress of a divorce, menopause plus back surgery, my weight started to pile on. In four years I gained over 50 lbs. and hit 206 lbs.! I had to buy bigger cloths, became less active and just didn’t like how I looked and felt anymore. Like many people, I dieted over the years and successfully lost weight, but it took forever.The older I got, the harder it became to get the extra weight off. A company I tried to get health insurance from labeled me “obese”. That did it! In June of 2011, I just got tired of being FAT and wanted to make a change. I checked out a few diet program options but I kept seeing this product called “HCG” on the internet and from a local news report. Being a researcher, I started to diligently read everything I could about HCG and even called company’s to hear their “pitch”. I’m a major skeptic of “lotions n potions” that claim amazing results or fast weight loss guarantees. What made sense to me was the metabolic reasons behind HCG. Then I read the many testimonials of realistic but fast weight loss results, that you ate 3 healthy meals per day, no major exercise required and it was medically safe. I also figured the money I would save from buying the WRONG foods each month would pay for the cost of the product. After talking with a local representative (Pam Plezia) about HCG, trusting in her leadership, guidance and support, in July 2011 I made the decision to start my HCG weight loss program. To my total amazement, in my first week on HCG drops, I lost 12 lbs. !!! Changing my eating habits, portion control and drinking over 100 oz. of water a day wasn’t easy at first but when I saw the lbs. AND inches coming off, I was thoroughly convinced this program would work for me and I could do it. Three months later and now 50 lbs. lighter! I’m so thankful I made the decision to try HCG and it’s weight loss program! IT WORKS!

TestimonialsJennifer – Battle Ground, Washington:

Like many people out there, I have struggled with my weight for most of my life. I’m not severely overweight, but I have always carried around these extra 20 – 25lbs, that have made me miserable. I had pretty much tried every diet out there with little success, and what I did lose would come right back. I had heard about HCG Diet Drops, and thought it would be worth looking into. I found Pam on Facebook and asked her a million questions as to why this one worked better than all the others. I have to admit, I didn’t order right away, as the 500-1000calorie diet terrified me! That would mean giving up my pizza and popcorn and ice cream…all the foods I had come to love.Well, I woke up one morning and started to get dressed in my sweats (which had become my daily attire since nothing else fit) and my fat sweats were tight!! This is when I made the decision to order my drops and get serious about losing weight and getting healthy. I was now in the right frame of mind to make this happen.Two things I really liked about the program were the immediate results I was going to see, as this would help to keep me motivated, and that I didn’t have to work out.I started my journey on January 9th, 2012, and in a little over a month had lost 21lbs. I couldn’t be happier and feel better than I do right now! I’ve been able to go out and buy those cute jeans that wouldn’t have fit my big toe a month ago.

I have since joined the affiliate program and started promoting this to everyone I can reach. When you find something this amazing, you want to share it with everyone!! I have over 15 friends/family members on this journey now, and more to come.

HCG Ultra Diet Drops have given me my confidence back and helped me to feel great about myself! I have more energy now that I have had in a very long time, and I tend to keep it that way!

Thank you HCG and Pam for all your help and wisdom!

TestimonialsJill – Long Beach, California:

I began my HCG journey after seeing a long time friend lose a lot of weight fast using HCG. I was very skeptical but trusted my friend and felt this was my last try to lose the weight. I always heard if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. Well HCG Ultra Diet Drops is the exception to that saying… It Works!!! I have ALWAYS been over weight. I grew up with 3 skinny siblings. We all ate the same things.. they ate more and I always heard that I was big boned, pleasantly plump, it’s just baby fat and the worse an adult told me I would be the pretty one if I was skinny!After 3 children 3 years to 21, I went up and down in weight but always ate healthy, I was not a fast food junky or soda drinker. I felt stuck. HCG unstuck me! I have lost 50 lbs in 16 weeks! It is truly a miracle, make this your last try in losing the weight.

TestimonialsGlenda – Hensley, AR:

“I started HCG Ultra Diet Drops at 142 lbs and I thought it was awesome because I was 66 years old when I started this weight loss journey. People say the older you get the harder it is to lose weight and HCG proved them wrong. Today I now weigh 116.8 lbs and lost a total of 25.2 lbs since starting HCG. I’ve been on maintenance since December 2011 and since then I’ve lost 5 more pounds. I started at a size 8/10 and today I’m a size 2/4. HCG Ultra Diet Drops is an amazing product for people who want to lose weight no matter what our age is. Not only will you lose deep tissue fat but it will also teach you how to eat the right foods and the right portion sizes so you can keep your weight off for life!”

TestimonialsNicole – Chattahoochee, FL

“I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life. After more than 20 years and two small children, I decided it was time to take control of my weight and finally do something about it. An acquaintance of mine had shared a testimonial about her successful weight loss on HCG. I contacted her to find out which HCG diet she was on and she referred me to Pam with Ultra Diet HCG Drops. This was the start of a great weight loss journey. Since January 10, 2012, I have lost a total of 44 lbs. I am amazed at how well this product works and how easy the plan is to follow!! I have tried so many times to lose the weight and have not been successful until now!! HCG Ultra Diet Drops is an amazing product!!”

TestimonialsKay – Jacksonville, FL:

“In May of 2012 I was the heaviest I have ever been in my life 184 pounds I felt horrible I was eating horrible and eating everything I decided to get back to me who never weighed more than 125. Realistically at my age 135 is awesome with the help of Pam and HCG drops that was all possible for me I managed to loose 49 pounds HCG drops were the only thing that really worked. I have tried it all but the drops made it easy to loose instant results which is very encouraging.”

TestimonialsTami – Jacksonville, FL:

“I woke up on March 11th, 2013 simply sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I have tried everything in all my years and seemed nothing worked for too long however I thought maybe this was the time and I had a great determination to see it through. I decided to go sugar free, fat free, gluten free and follow protocol. Today marks 20 weeks. In that time I have gone from a 10-12 to a 4-6 dress size, I lost 32 lbs, I never once veered off track. I invested too much to not stay on course. I made a promise to myself and if you can’t count on yourself who can you count on! I look in the mirror everyday and say YOU ARE WORTH IT. I hope you will get up and take the challenge. Feel better, look better and be excited at what your life has to offer. HCG is a wonderful way to take charge and the support of this group of folks is paramount to your success. Thanks Pam and all of you who face the challenge everyday! We’ve got this.”

TestimonialsKayla – Bledsoe, Kentucky:

“I have always struggled with my weight!! I have always been the “chubby one”. After graduating college and starting my first job, i packed on the pounds! I was miserable! I found HCG through a Facebook friend and have been using it a little over a month. I’ve lost 24.5 pounds!!! From 274 to 249.5 pounds. Im eating healthy an losing weight! This stuff is amazing! If it can work for me, it can work for anyone!!!”

TestimonialsDesparkle – Chicago, IL:

“Hi, my name is Desparkle aka Sparkle and I’m 31 years old. Like most people I struggled with my weight, especially when I moved back to Chicago. I was 130lbs in high school, 160lbs when I graduated, and 177lbs when I had my first child in 2005. I was very content at 177lbs, but when I moved back to Chicago, restaurants became my best friends. Before I knew it, I went from 177-200-226lbs, and like many others I tried diet pills but they were not successful.

I had my second child in 2012. After giving birth I dropped down to 206lbs, but I eventually gained it all back. One day I looked at a picture and said to myself, “I don’t like how I look,” and that was my life changer.

I heard about the drops from a relative and did some research before purchasing. I also caught an episode of Dr. Oz (on my phone), and clicked on the link and my journey began.

I started this journey at 219lbs in February 2013, and now I’m down to 191lbs. A 28lbs lost. My goal is to get to 180lbs. I also stopped eating beef and pork.

It really feels good to hear people compliment me on how great I look. This builds up the confidence, I never lost, but gained more of. I will like to thank Pam and the group on Facebook. My journey is not over, and if I can do it, you can too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


“I divorced and remarried at 32. I had 2 children then. My husband is older than me and had 3 older children. I had my tubes tied at 23, what a mistake! When he met me I weighed about 150. After we married I discovered he could cook really well. And he is a country man that likes his meat and potatoes. He grilled ribeyes and baked potatoes every weekend. I gained a lot! We also decided to have my tubal ligation reversed so we could have a child together. We had a son 2009. That packed on pounds as well. It is very difficult to keep up with a toddler/ preschooler when you are 80 pounds over weight. I have known Pam and her older brother since junior high school. I researched what I could about HCG over 6 months and finally ordered from Pam. I received my order on 11-24-12 and so it began. I lost 7.5 pounds the first week. I stuck with it and never cheated. So far I have lost 60 pounds and have 10 more to go. I started out with a goal of 60 pounds to lose but when I saw that I could do this I increased it to 70 which is what I really need to do. I started at a size 18 and today I’m a size 8. Being almost to goal is fabulous and if you have a strong will to get this extra person off of your back then this is how to do it!!! Pam is a great supporter and knows her HCG!!! I also love having the support of the FB family!!”

TestimonialsKaren – Walled Lake, Michigan:

“I am like many other women of my age group (mid 50’s) that don’t have a hard time sticking to a diet, it just doesn’t seem to work after the initial 5-8 pound loss. After you see how hard you are working and the scale doesn’t move anymore, well, you know the yo-yo story from there. My decision to try again using this HCG diet plan came after much research and suggestion from my Naturalpath, Dr Perkins. I had gone to see Dr Perkins for menopausal symptom relief, at my heaviest weight ever, had been worked up for cardiac issues (i.e. shortness of breath) from a women’s heart center in which all tests came back normal! I knew then it was this weight. At my appointment, whining and miserable Dr Perkins said, you know, I think you should consider HCG diet. He encouraged me to research and gave me Pam’s web address for HCG! Being a woman of great faith I asked Jesus to be with me during this journey, I couldn’t do it without Him! Then I asked my husband Tony for his support! He was with me too! I then ordered the drops. Excited but very apprehensive, after all nothing else had worked long term and I ended up gaining more than when I started. I had fun with my loading days as we all do then it was time to get down to it! Everyday there were losses ranging from .5-3 full pounds, that is what kept me going!! 46 pounds later I did it I hit my goal weight, I couldn’t have been happier. I was never so determined in my life and as I went I was rewarded with losses. I owe my health, my life to both Dr Perkins and HCG! I am happy healthy and loving life! Thank you HCG for giving me my life back!”

TestimonialsHeather – Alvin, Texas:

“I have struggled with food and weight most of my life. I got married in 2006 and promptly gained 50 pounds. No longer comfortable in my skin and tired of going up and up and up sizes, I decided I HAD to do something. I went down and back up a few times. The final straw was seeing pictures of myself on a vacation in the fall of 2012. A friend told me about HCG and while I was skeptical, I thought, why not give it a try?! So I did. I’ve lost 41 pounds and I’m shooting for 12 more. It’s no easy solution, though. I’ve had to turn down pizza, fast food, soda, and cake for vegetables, lean meat, real food, and water. But what I have traded is unhealthy for healthy. I feel so much better. I know I will have to continue to eat food that is good for my body once I reach my goal. That doesn’t mean I’ll never have cake or pizza again, but it is no longer the rule, it’s the exception!”

TestimonialsDawn – Redford, Michigan:

“Thank you HCG for making me a better me! 53 lbs down and still moving forward! To be continued…”

TestimonialsMissGee Ditshupelo:

“I had always wanted to be slim, I tried everything labeled HEALTHY DIET on the market. I even considered Bulimia at some point. When I saw the HCG group on Facebook I decided it’s my big break!! I spent hours reading the testimonials, successes and the benefits of HCG. A month ago I started my journey to the new lifestyle, it was hard the first few days but I kept going and here I am today.Slim, more confident and comfortable in my own skin. It’s just easy, follow the diet, drink more water and watch your body become more and more beautiful everyday!! It’s not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle!!”

TestimonialsSunita Peter, Malaysia:

“I weighed 192 pounds and have been trying so very hard to shed that weight off in a hundred different ways with a hundred different products. Finally I had read about HCG on the net and decided one last try one last time.

So I got in touch with Pam and ordered the product and started on the drops as soon as I received it. In just one month with very strictly following the diet prescribed and water intake, with light exercises I lost 75 pounds in one month and have until today maintained that weight”.

TestimonialsFlorine – Taylorsville, Kentucky:

“I can’t begin to state how grateful I am to HCG and Pam for my weight loss. I feel like a new person and love people telling me about the change they see in me. It’s the healthiest and easiest diet I have ever tried and it has changed the way I feel about all foods. Now on maintenance (no drops), I am aware of what foods I eat and how they effect my weight and health. Many thanks to Pam Plezia for always being there to keep me on track-she answered my concerns so graciously and quickly. I still have to have some chocolate or cookie every now and again-but just one. Everyone should give this healthy diet HCG a try.”

TestimonialsEsther – Zambia:

“For many years, I have struggled with periodic weight gain, I have had to stick to fasting to lose only but a few that i put back on in no time and struggled maintaining a healthy hemoglobin count. I tried the gym and spent huge sums of money but alas, only a few pounds came off and my dream abs were unattainable. Behold an advert on Facebook and with the motivation from the testimonies, I decided to try it. Bingo! in 30 days, very healthy diet, a lot of water, a little difficult in the first week but easier as time passes, 25lbs off, energy levels higher, and the clothes are a delight! HCG diet drops have made my body, a beautiful place to live in, am so sticking to this lifestyle! Goodbye low hemoglobin count and hello healthy!”

TestimonialsJean – Jacksonville, Florida:

“I started HCG at 167 lbs and a size 16. I am now 122 lbs and a size 4 all thanks to HCG Ultra Diet Drops. I have tried so many diets to lose weight but nothing worked until I found HCG Ultra Diet Drops. This has been the easiest diet I have ever done and not only does it melt fat fast but it also teaches you how to eat the right foods to maintain your weight for life. I feel amazing and I recommend HCG Ultra Diet Drops to everyone I know who wants to lose weight the right way and learn how to keep it off for life. I’ve been on maintenance a few months now and I weigh less than when I stopped HCG. Maintaining is easy! You will love this company and their customer service is outstanding!”

TestimonialsTommy – Hensley, AR:

“My starting weight on April 24, 2012 was 245.8 lbs to date which is day 39 and I-ve lost 33 lbs. I-m very excited about it, HCG Ultra Diet Drops is unbelievable! I haven-t weighed 213 lbs since 1972. My goal is to lose 40 lbs total. I can now bend over, tie my shoes with out straining and I can now breathe a lot deeper. I can also sleep on my stomach now and I couldn-t before. I-m going to the doctor soon for a check up and can-t wait to see how much my blood pressure and sugar count has come down they were both above average when I started. It-s a thrill to look in the mirror, see how much I-ve accomplished and that my pants are now falling off and I feel so much better. There is nothing I know of that compares to the rapid weight loss that you will achieve HCG Ultra Diet Drops.”

TestimonialsPam – Jacksonville, Florida:

“I started my HCG Diet Journey on May 13, 2011. I’m 39 years old and 5’10” tall and a mom of 3 amazing kids. My start weight was 189.8. I lost 37 lbs in 49 days! I have always struggled with my weight like most people due to over eating and eating the wrong foods. I did Weight Watchers almost 3 years ago and lost 42 lbs but it took me 5 1/2 months. I put back on 22 lbs from January 2011 till May 2011 and knew I didn’t want to be a size 18 again. I was considering starting Weight Watchers back up and a friend told me about the HCG Diet Plan . So I started the research online to find out everything I could about it. I then decided to give HCG a try. All I can say is there is NOTHING else like it on the market for weight loss. What other product is out there where you will lose .5 – 1.5 lbs a day that is safe, with no side effects and 100% all natural? NONE that I know of! You will release your unwanted deep tissue fat fast and keep it off by learning to change your eating habits for life! Being on HCG makes you think about everything you put in your mouth. The first 2 days I was on HCG was the toughest for me. I had headaches, felt sluggish and felt like I was shaking inside. I know that was my body detoxing all the junk out of it I ate before HCG. On day 3 I started feeling a whole lot better. I was hungry off and on the first week but after that it was the easiest thing I have ever done to lose weight. Let me tell you I am a VERY PICKY EATER, just ask my husband. When I saw the protocol I was like there is no way I can do this because I don’t eat half of the foods on the list but I did love water so 100 oz a day was easy for me. I had gotten off caffeine and sodas when I was on Weight Watchers and never went back to them. So I decided to give the HCG diet program a try despite the protocol and here I am 38 days later skinny and still going. I haven’t been this size in over 16 years since before I had our oldest daughter who is almost 17 years old. I feel better than I ever have! I’ve learned to not only eat the right foods while on this diet but for the rest of my life. Will I splurge once in a while once I am off HCG Diet, of course but I will stay on the protocol for the most part. To me it’s not a just a diet, it’s a life style! I’m not to goal yet but getting close and all I can say is I love HCG Ultra Diet Drops and you will too! I hope my story encourages you to give HCG Drops a try. There is no better HCG Diet product on the market. The closed Facebook support page “Our HCG Journey” this company offers is a huge key to succeeding at this program.”

TestimonialsCassie – Long Beach, CA:

“About a year ago I weighed 234 lbs. I had high blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, plantar fasciitis, lethargy, borderline diabetes, and was given sharp words by my Dr. that I was killing myself. I had tried other weight loss programs with minor success. My Dr. and I were talking about weight loss surgery when I ran into someone who had lost 80 lbs on HCG. I talked it over with my Dr. and he (OBGYN) gave me the O.K. to try it. I went back 6 weeks later. I had lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks. We were both convinced it works. It took a little longer for the 2nd 30 lbs, but by Christmas I was down 60 lbs. I have gone off for a few months and maintained and recently gone back on and taken off another 15 lbs. That’s right, I’ve lost 75 lbs. I’m currently working on that last 25. Oh, by the way, I’m off blood pressure and cholesterol meds, cured of sleep apnea. My feet don’t hurt any more. I have lots of energy and I am no longer killing myself! How great is that!”

TestimonialsCarol Faubert – Ottawa, Ontario:

“Hi my name is Carol and I am in my Fifties, I live in Ontario Canada. I have been obese since I was 12 years old. Always been named called because of my weight and never fit in with the crowd. I have tried many diets over the years and have lost hardly nothing…. Diets never did anything for me I am a diabetic insulin dependant and have many other health issues. In 2011 my doctor wanted me to go for the gastric bypass. I told my doctor let me try one more thing and if it doesn’t work then I will consider the bypass. In October 2011 I found HCG Ultra Diet Drops and started taking them but didn’t do it correctly and was always stalling or gaining so I got off them. In January 2012 I found Pam and thought I had ordered my drops from her but it wasn’t her, so I ordered more drops and became part of their closed support group “Our HCG Journey” on Facebook for their customers. I started using the HCG Ultra Diet Drops January 8th, 2012 at 282 pounds as of February 23rd, 2012 I have lost 52.2 pounds!! I never thought I would lose this weightbut I did Thanks to Pam, HCG Ultra Diet Drops and the members of the”Our HCG Journey” Facebook page support group. There is so much motivation, inspiration and people really do care. I have alot more to lose but it’s one day at a time. HCG Is not just a diet, it’s a lifestyle! A completely new lifestyle. I feel better since I have lost the 52.2 pounds my A1C is 6 it was 12 and sometimes 18 and more. Blood pressure is normal, chlorestrol is good, my doctor is very proud of me and says continue what I am doing and in a few months may take me off my insulin ….It’s very easy if you stick to protocol and drink 100-128oz of water daily. I am forever grateful. Give HCG Ultra Diet Drops a try out have nothing to lose except weight!”

TestimonialsAlicia – Richmond, Kentucky:

“Weight has been a struggle, my entire life. After graduating college in the fall, I decided I finally had enough. I tried everything, and I basically had just decided to give up on myself. One day, a professional friend of mine was posting about her success with the HCG diet drops, so I decided why not give them a try since I have already done everything else. With this being said, within the first week I could already see a difference in my weight loss like never before. 30 days, I lost 20lbs. Since that I’ve lost an additional 10 for 30lbs total, HCG is getting my life back on the right track.”

TestimonialsKim – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

“I am a believer as I have lost 32 lbs in 4 months, without exercise, hunger, looking or feeling poorly. My cravings for bad foods are gone and I have maintained my weight during interruptions from the protocol even when eating close to 2000 calories a day. Thank you HCG!!!!!!!!”

TestimonialsTamika – Columbia, South Carolina:

“For the most part of my life I had been on the smaller side. Even after giving birth to two children I always went back to normal. During the last stages of a bad marriage I began to gain weight. During and after the divorce I gained even more weight. I began to lose myself and my self esteem was a thing of the past. My daughter would tell me “mommy I don’t want to get fat like you” and my brother would greet by saying “what’s up big girl” or he would say “you aint tired of being fat yet”? All these things would hurt my feelings but it was not enough to make me lose weight. I tried different diets, colon cleanses and even going to the gym but when results didn’t come the way that I had wanted I would quickly give up. Then one day I overhead some women at work talking about HCG and I was intrigued. I read about it and talked to some people a few times before making any purchases. When I was finally ready I made the investment into my future and myself. When I began HCG I weighed in at 273 lbs. I would have to say that I am so glad that I did. I finally released all the weight that I had gained. Today I weighed in at 182 lbs for a total weight release of 93 lbs. There are no words that can truly express the feelings and accomplishment received. I am thankful for HCG. Being able to interact, run and play with my children without getting tired or feeling like an embarrassment cannot be explained. I look good and feel great and it’s all because of HCG! The fan page on Facebook with Pam is a bonus. You get support from not only her but the other people in the group. It doesn’t stop with support we share our feelings, emotions, ups and downs and recipes. We encourage one another and rejoice in each other’s release. Thanks Pam and HCG!”

TestimonialsShannon – North Canton, OH:

“I started my HCG journey at a size 14, and I am now a size 6. A size 6 has always been my goal. I love shopping now and trying on clothes!!! I have released 35lbs since August 6th, and my goal is 40lbs. I am not going to give up till the pounds are released! Even though you may not be losing weight, trust me on this one, you are losing inches! I have not been a size 6, since the 6th grade. I love being told how amazing I look, I love every compliment I get now, and I know I deserve it!Weight has always been an issue since I was a little girl, eating up all of my emotions everyday. I started HCG in hopes that it would help me gain self esteem and learn to love myself, a much smaller version of myself, and let me tell you it is the best decision I have ever made. I’ve tried every diet and fad known to man and nothing has helped me the way that HCG does. It is still teaching me a new lifestyle change, I way to better myself for the future. I have more self confidence than I have ever had in my life. It shows you the way to eat and make smarter decisions, and the best part I am not skipping meals or starving myself. To be continued…Shannon”