What Makes Our Company Unique Compared to Other Companies Offering HCG?
There are two essential aspects that you can find in our company, which you will definitely prefer more than our competitors in the market, and these are our real HCG products and the excellent customer services that we always provide.

We are offering HCG drops, which have the quality that you need. It is because all of our products truly contain the HCG hormone. At present, fake HCG drops flood our market, and our company is one of the leading sellers that can provide you genuine HCG drops. There are already lots of companies that sell the so-called HCG drops but actually give their customers acid-based, hormone-free amino acid products with no HCG. So, this fact is a big warning to any buyers of these products. You should keep in mind to be very careful when purchasing HCG drops since these goods differ in formulas, protocols, and directions. Also, you should get your needed drops of HCG Ultra Diet from our company so that you can enjoy real effective products. In addition, our protocol for all of our HCG drops is considered as the BEST in the market at present. Try comparing our protocol to other companies, and you can discover the truth that we have more food options, better everyday meals, and very delicious fruits during snacks.

And with regards to our offered customer service, customers like you can reach us 7 days a week in various methods or ways. You can contact us through phone, email, and as well as, in social media. You can connect with our support groups on Facebook. Find us on Face Book and Instagram for specials, coupon codes, recipes and more. We also are happy to do transactions through phone if you do not want to do your shopping for these products online. Plus, our company ships with USPS Priority Mail M-F.

What Makes Our HCG Drops the Best Option?

Here are various aspects that make our products your best option:

  • Our superior formula, the HCG Ultra Diet Drops, has a very long shelf life of 5 years, and these products do not need to be placed in a refrigerator.
  • Our products are completely manufactured in order to come up with a formula that can highly benefit your body.
  • These weight loss products can ensure sustainable weight reduction through its multi-phased and unique approach in combination with 1000-calorie diet every day. Our company’s mantra is maintaining your level within the ideal weight.
  • Our HCG Ultra Diet Drops are produced by a licensed facility. This aspect can definitely give you the assurance and peace of mind for your chosen products are manufactured from a controlled facility having the highest standards of quality control.
  • You can even maximize the weight loss result by taking the right amount or dosage of HCG Drops, which is two times the products’ amount. This means that you will consume a 2oz bottle for every 15 days.
How Do These Products Work?

Our HCG products mainly affect your hypothalamus, and this will result to the mobilization of your unwanted fats out of the storage areas of your body in order to make them available for use. With this kind of outcome, you will have the advantage to easily remove these fats and achieve fast weight reduction. Our body contains three types of fat, and these are the following:

  • First and foremost, the fat located between your organs and joints is known as the structured fat.
  • Then, the normal fat is the main nutrient being used by your body in order to meet the daily nutritional needs. This kind of fat is always found throughout your body.
  • Lastly, deposits of fats, which can cause obesity in numerous individuals is known as the abnormal fat. This particular kind of fat can only be drawn or reduced during pregnancy and starvation. Decreasing caloric intake can only reduce the normal and structural fat reserves of the body, and has less impact on the abnormal fat. That is why starvation diets are not effective, and will only result to extreme hunger and increased food intake. With this, your body will continue storing more fats in order to compensate for the low intake of food. Thus, you goal of losing weight can never be achieved with diet alone.
What are My Expectations?
Hunger will be your first expectation. It is because you will definitely feel hungry during the first few days of this diet program. Then after about 5 days of taking our HCG Ultra Diet Drops our products’ effects will start. Mainly, it will cause the release and usage of fats that are stored in various part of your body since our HCG drops are already beginning to control your hunger. This effect is mainly for the purpose of your body’s coping. And in order to gain more success in this program, increasing water intake is a must. In addition, fiber consumption is extremely essential. That is why fibrous vegetables such as Brussel sprouts, lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower should be a part of your meal.
What are the Necessary Preparations for HCG Diet Drops?
Preparing your mentality to stick with your decision in constantly following the diet program is the most vital preparation that you will initially have to do. You must honestly follow the diet in order for you to achieve your goal. For 30 days of following the diet protocol, great outcome can definitely be noticed. Our protocol is highly effective once you will never cheat your way. Within 48 hours after starting the program, you can have your normal meals and consume food such as fried foods, chocolate, butter, bread, bacon, pasta, rice, fried foods, desserts and many others. This is a highly vital step of the diet program to take because this will help prepare your body for the gradual weight loss after 2 days. Also, this will provide time for our HCG drops show its effect in controlling your hunger or appetite in order for you to bypass the possible occurrence of Hunger Pangs.

The third day is considered as the actual start of the weight reduction protocol. That is why you will have to strictly adhere without any deviations to the approved diet program. Consuming unhealthy foods that are not listed in the protocol or eating more than the prescribed amount will only cause an instant weight gain or weight stalls. And if ever there will be any deviations, you will have to immediately start back again with the HCG diet program. Keep in mind that every deviation will only result in increased weight and stalls in weight loss, so you will have to be firm in staying with the protocol religiously.

One main factor that can greatly contribute to the success of this diet program is water. This kind of fluid should be consumed every day for AT LEAST 100 oz or 10 to 12 glasses. Without the right amount of water within your system, you will prevent achieving the possible highest weight loss, and even result to weight gain, in some cases. Many customers drink 128 ounces or a gallon of water a day or more for even better results.

You may also have 3 glasses of Crystal Lite, diet sodas, or NutraSweet Kool Aid daily. But these kinds of drinks can slow down the rate of your weight reduction and should not be counted as part of your water consumption. Other than that, sugar-free coffee and tea can be taken but only in moderation. But caffeinated drinks can usually make you hungry so it is better to have decaffeinated forms. Lastly, alcohol should be avoided at all cost on this diet protocol.

What is a Human Chorionic Gonadotropin?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy in the woman’s placenta. This particular substance mainly controls the metabolic functions of the pregnant woman.

How Does HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Work?

Mainly, the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin affects your hypothalamus, and this will result to the mobilization of your unwanted fats out of the storage areas of your body in order to make them available for use. Every day, your hypothalamus will constantly release stored fats within your system while you have up to 1000 calories from the protocol foods that you have consumed. With this, your body will actually be utilized thousands of stored fats from your body daily. That is why, dieters using our product and protocol can lose a huge amount of deep tissue each day.

Our body contains three types of fat, and these are the following:

  • First and foremost, the fat located between your organs and joints is known as the structured fat.
  • Then, the normal fat is the main nutrient being used by your body in order to meet the daily nutritional needs. This kind of fat is always found throughout your body.
  • Lastly, deposits of fats, which can cause obesity in numerous individuals is known as the abnormal fat. This particular kind of fat can only be drawn or reduced during pregnancy and starvation. Decreasing caloric intake can only reduce the normal and structural fat reserves of the body, and has less impact on the abnormal fat. That is why starvation diets are not effective, and will only result to extreme hunger and increased food intake. With this, your body will continue storing more fats in order to compensate for the low intake of food. Thus, your goal of losing weight can never be achieved with diet alone. That is why we offer HCG drops. It is because our product can aid in releasing abnormal fats in order to make these reserve substances available for your body consumes. With this, your body will have the calories it requires while depleting the extra deposit of fat.
What Will Happen if I Don’t Drink the Right Amount of Water?
Not drinking the right amount of water will cause slow to no weight loss. Taking in other liquids does not suffice your body’s need for water, thus it should be put into a limit. As much as possible, do not exceed 3 glasses of Crystal Lite, or 3 diet sodas per day. Your daily consumption of Coffee, and even Tea, should also be controlled since these products contain caffeine which can stimulate your appetite. And also, it is advised to only use sugar substitute and non-fat creamer for coffee, but better much switch to the decaffeinated forms of these two products if possible. As much as possible, avoid the intake of alcohol during the program. Water is always the best and nothing takes the place of your water.
Why is It Important to Eat Higher Calories for 2 Days During the Start of the Program?

It is a must to take the HCG, and consume AT LEAST 100 oz of water during the loading days. The loading is intended to work with HCG, to be able to prepare the body for the changes that are expected.

2 main reasons for loading:

  • The function of HCG is to burn your abnormal fats to be used as fuel, and this will only kick in on the third dose. So taking in 500-1000 calories without the effect of HCG can only cause problems when it comes to losing structural fat, and can only cause extreme hunger until it affects.
  • The structural fat stores that are commonly used up during dieting needs to be replaced, as if you have been on a diet in the past without HCG. The highlight here is about the consumption of foods that are high in fat. During the loading days, you can eat whatever you want to eat, but never forget that fats need to be focused on. The 2 loading days are intended to help your body get ready for the program and set up the new HCG in its system and start burning fats. Load as much fat as you can, or else you will suffer from hunger and your dieting can become very uncomfortable. Follow what is being suggested to be able to come up with better weight loss results. As you load up fats properly, you will also see how the HCG works as it starts to scavenge the needed calories from your abnormal fat stores, especially the annoying ones like those in the rear, gut, hips and thighs, and feel hunger no more. However, this does not mean that can you can totally avoid feeling the ‘emotional’ hunger, and this commonly happens especially if you have seen others enjoying eating what they like to eat. But do not because you will soon be able to determine the difference between an emotional and real hunger. Enjoy your loading days!
Is Losing Weight Fast, Healthy?
According to the studies of the HCG weight loss program, losing weight according to the Simeons protocol comes directly from the adipose fat tissues instead of the lean muscle. In other words, the weight you will lose will come directly from fats, and this is done without stripping the muscles, and the essential vitamins and minerals needed by your body. So, you can maintain a good health while releasing the excess fats and transforming them into nutrients to flow in your blood stream and be absorbed by your body. This is why HCG dieters attest of having a feeling and appearance of good look and great health, and the awesomeness of losing the negative health risks of being overweight.
Why Opt for a Low Calorie Diet?
Dieting with the use of the HCG drops will trigger your hypothalamus to move the fats out of their storage locations to get them ready for use. Hence, if you are only taking in up to 1000 calories per day, your hypothalamus will continue releasing those stored fat and make use of them. Logically, it is because our body actually needs thousands of calories every day. And since there is a low fat intake, your body will be forced to use its stored fats; the reason behind why HCG dieters lose so much fat every day.
Will I Experience Hunger While on HCG?
In the first few days, experiencing a mild hunger is very common and is actually normal, but this will pass by the second week, you will already find yourself getting satisfied even with the very small servings. Partially, this is because of your hypothalamus that is adjusting your metabolic rate, but largely, this is because of the amount of calories that is circulating in your body, which also comes from the fats being released. HCG dieters commonly get full fast and have a hard time eating all the required foods.
Who Can Take Advantage of the HCG Diet Drops?
Anyone can take advantage of the HCG Diet Drops to lose weight. But just like any diets, it is always recommended for the dieters to consult first a physician regarding weight loss.
Is There a Big Possibility of Gaining My Weight Back After the HCG Program?
After your diet program, you can observe that your eating behavior, appetite, and body have totally changed. So, you will need to immediately adopt a healthy lifestyle in maintaining the health and form of your body so that you can avoid gaining back the weight that you have lost. With any diet if you go back to eating the way you did before HCG you will gain your weight back. HCG isn’t just a diet but a life style!
What are the Vital Functions of the Hypothalamus Gland?
Keeping the functions of the thyroid and adrenals in moderation and controlling the rate of metabolism and storage of fats is the vital functions of the hypothalamus gland.
Is HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Safe for Male Users?
The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin that is the main substance used in our HCG weight reduction protocol is also found in male individuals. This is based on the fact that HCG is available in human tissues. Many couples are trying our products together, not just locally but all over the globe.
What is the Specific Number of Drops That I Should Take Every Meal?
You should take 25 drops before every meal 3 times a day. Take our product by placing the liquid under your tongue. To make it easier, use our dropper and fill about ¾ or .75ml of our HCG drops. When taking your HCG no food or drink 10 minutes before or 10 minutes after you take it.
When Do I Need to Start Drinking No Less Than 100 Ounces of Water? On the First Day or the Third Day?
You will have to start immediately. On the first loading day of taking our product, you will need the right amount of water in order to let the HCG move throughout your body. That is why it is very important to drink at least 100 ounces of water everyday. Drinking more than 100 oz a day will result in even greater weight loss. we recommend 128 oz a day for even better results!
What are the Important Steps That I Need to Take Before Using the HCG Drops?

It is important that you weigh before starting and use a digital scale that weighs in ounces and pounds. It would be even better to use scales that can provide measurable or level of your hydration and body fat too. Then, measure your your chest, lower and upper arms, waist, hips, thighs, and calfs with a soft tape measure. That way you can see how many inches you are losing. You will be amazed! And lastly, take a picture of yourself and email it to us at info@ultradiethcgdrops.com. Your before and after picture will be our biggest testimony.

Why are Vitamin B12 Drops Necessary to use During Your HCG Diet?

The main reason for using Vitamin B12 complex to your HCG is because it can bring you lots of advantages such as the following:

  • Absorption of nutrients and HCG is optimized with the aid of this Vitamin.
  • Also, this vitamin can promote better circulation of blood throughout the body.
  • Lastly, you will gain more energy, which is essential for your everyday activities.
When do I take my B12 Drops?
You can take them right before or right after you eat 3 times a day at all 3 meals.
Are Multivitamins Needed During the HCG Diet Program?

Absolutely! Taking multivitamins is highly recommended during the HCG diet program. We also highly recommend being on our liquid B12 Vitamin. When on a low calorie diet you need to make sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.

Can I Mix Fruits and/or Veggies for Snacks or Meals?
Yes, of course!
Is Measuring Lettuce Necessary When I Will Prepare a Salad?
Not really! If you are having a salad as your meal then it is not necessary to measure the lettuce. You can have as much as you like but only for a meal and not throughout the day because it will become an extra food. You can even add an 5 ounce of approved protein in your salad and 1 cup of veggies.
Are Taking Snacks Between Meals allowed?
Yes, absolutely. We recommend saving your fruit or your veggie as a snack between meals to make your day easier. Smaller meals are better for your body.
What If I Do Not Usually Eat Breakfast?
If this is the case, then lunch will be considered your first meal and then your dinner as your second meal. And, you will end up with breakfast as your last meal. Spacing out meals is helpful for this diet program.
What Kind of Salad Dressings Can I Have While Taking Your Products?
Mainly, you can make unique HCG-friendly salad dressings, which are composed of ingredients that are allowed and listed in the protocol. You can even choose between the different options online or specifically on our website. Be sure your dressings are 0 everything except sodium for best results. Dressings we recommend are Salad Spritzers and Walden Farms. Walden Farms dressings can be found at Walden Farms’ site, www.waldenfarms.com and in some local stores, which is a processed food that can be taken in moderation even though it contains nothing but sodium. Salad Spritzers can be found in local stores.
How many cycles of HCG Ultra Diet Drops can I be on?
Each cycle is 30 days. The main aspect that will tell you to stop using our HCG drops is when your goal weight has been reached. So you do not need to take any breaks between cycles unless you choose to.
What If I Fail to Remember Taking My HCG Drops Before Eating My Meal?

You will just have to take our product after eating or right at the moment that you will remember. Remember no food or drink 10 minutes before or after you take your HCG Drops.

What Do I Need to Do After Putting the HCG Under My Tongue?
Initially, it is best to leave our HCG drops for 10 seconds under your tongue. Then after the time, you can simply swallow our HCG, and wait for 10 minutes before consuming any food or drinks.
Can I Cheat Without Falling Apart Completely?
The best thing you will have to do is NOT to cheat. Once someone cheats they usually continue cheating. But if you want to cheat then you can cheat by eating more leafy green veggies or lean protein. If you deviate from the protocol like eating sweets or food with lots of sugar, then you can stall your weight loss for up to 5 days.
Are There Any Potential Side Effects?
Our products do not have any known side effects. But it is greatly suggested to consult your physician before starting our diet program.
What Should I Do During the Occurrence of Constipation?
If constipation occurs, then you will just need to take sugar free fiber supplement such as Metamucil. Also, Smooth Move, which is an organic tea, is highly recommended since it is not a dangerous laxative, and you can easily get one in various retail stores. We recommend starting a Sugar Free daily fiber supplement from protocol day 1 to avoid constipation. Constipation happens to most people while on HCG because of it being a low calorie diet and not eating enough high fiber foods. Probiotics are taken by many customers also.
How Many Bottles of HCG Drops do I Need?
In this particular matter, the number of bottles that you will need basically depends on how much weight are you aiming to lose. Commonly, 4 bottles of our products are needed by a typical individual in order to lose extra pounds. There are also those people that would to purchase 6 or 12 bottles of our HCG drops. So this means that it simply depends on the dieter. The best part about us HCG Ultra Diet Drops is that you can store these products for a long-time with total confidence because of their shelf life of up to 5 years.
Can I Exercise While on Your Diet Program?
One great aspect about this program is its flexibility. So if you want to exercise, then you will need to increase calorie consumption depending on the amount of calories burned during your workout. Like for example, if you have burned 300 calories from jogging then you will need to consume 225 calories or about 75% more. But keep in mind that you are only allowed to consume veggies and proteins, which are approved on the protocol. Light cardiovascular exercises are the only recommended exercise routines while taking our HCG drops for best results.
What are the Appropriate Steps to Take When Hitting a Plateau?

Hitting a plateau (bringing weight to a standstill) for a maximum of 5 days is normal. But if ever this kind of situation will persist more than 6 days, then you will have two options:

  • Eat six apples and nothing else for the whole day. Take the HCG drops, and then, drink the recommended amount of water.
  • Eat nothing else but protein for 1 day and take your HCG. Consume 7 ounces of protein for your 2 main meals. And drink 10-12 glasses of water.
What if I Get a Headache?

There are a some cases in which customers get headaches on the first week of following the low calorie diet. So if experience this kind of problem, just take an electrolyte drink without any calories. The best example would be PowerAde since this drink can help in maintaining your diet. Also, you can take Advil Liquid Gels in order to alleviate the pain.

Is it Okay to Use “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT BUTTER SPRAY” on Your HCG Product?
Yes, it is okay, but real oil or butter is not allowed.
Can I use Salsa during the HCG Diet?
Yes! Sugar-free salsa is acceptable but you will have to make sure that the ingredients are allowed and listed in the protocol.
Is Sugar Allowed During the Diet Program?
Of course not. Sugar is not approved during HCG. But sugar substitutes are allowed to be used. We recommend using NuStevia the non bitter Stevia. It can be found at Cost Co, local health food stores and online at places like Amazon.
Is Fruit Juice Allowed on the HCG Diet?
No. Juice is full of natural and added sugars and will slow and stop weight loss.
Is There a Need for Women to Discontinue Usage of HCG Drops During their Monthly Period?
No. There is no need for women to stop using their HCG Drops during their monthly period. Female users may or may not have a few changes on their cycle while taking our product. Experiencing no weight loss or just a very small drop of weight is normal due to the water gain and hormonal changes within the body during this period. Once your monthly cycle ends, you can definitely see good results in your weight reduction, but that is if you have never cheated and constantly follow the protocol.
Will Our Product Cause Positive Result in a Pregnancy Test?
No, because our product does not have enough HCG to cause a positive result in a pregnancy test.
Can I Start Again If I Stop Taking HCG Drops?
Yes, you can jump right back in taking HCG drops if you stop for 1 or 2 days only. But if you have gone off for over 2 days, you can reload HCG and start again after waiting for at least 5 days.
What are the Right Things to Do After I Have Completed My HCG Cycle?

The first thing that you will have to do is to avoid sugar or starches for a maximum of 3 weeks such as rice and potatoes. You can already start increasing the amount of your meals within the first weeks but you should only consume those foods that are allowed in the protocol. After 3 weeks, you can start adding a small amount of sugar and starches. Also, doing vigorous exercises 3 to 5 times every week is necessary since you have already lost a lot of your weight. Then, check your weight every 2 days, and if you are gaining weight at least 2 pounds then decrease the amount of your sugar and starch consumptions. In addition, you will have to focus on taking proteins and fibrous vegetables to have more aid in maintaining your ideal weight.

FAQ WeightLoc

What is WeightLoc for?
  • Helps Maintain your Desired Weight
  • Suppress Appetite and Cravings
  • Give a boost to your Energy Levels
Is WeightLoc made to take with the HCG Diet?

Actually WeightLoc was made to take after you reach your goal weight and complete the HCG Diet but many like to take it while on the HCG Diet.